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How Protects


Impenetrable Shield of Your Devices

Protecting Your Devices Against Cyber Threats

With our mobile and desktop applications, you can secure all your devices and networks against cyber threats. Be protected whether you are at work, at home, or on the go.


Guardian of Your Network

Ensuring Network Security on Connected Networks

We automatically verify the security of any network your devices connect to. We check various network settings such as VPN, Proxy, and DNS, as well as verify traffic filtering capabilities and the configuration of your network firewall to ensure your connection is always secure.


Alert System for OS Updates

Keeping Your Devices Up-to-Date

Always have your devices updated and stay safe. Our apps monitor your OS version and alert you when updates are available, keeping your device secure against new threats.


Preventing Misuse in Case of Theft

Ensuring Devices Deny Access to Potential Thieves

We ensure the physical security of your devices by verifying the use of screen locks such as access codes, Touch ID, Face ID, and more. Potential thieves will thus have no chance of accessing your data.


Monitoring Invasive Apps

We monitor spyware apps

On Android devices, we check if any installed apps are trying to collect your personal data. For both platforms, Android and iOS, we offer the option to perform a deep scan of any app.


Guarding Against Data Leaks

Informing You About Your Data Leaks

Daily, we check if any data linked to your email address has leaked online. In case of a leak, we immediately notify you.


Without Infringing on Your Privacy

Your personal data, kept personal

We are not an MDM solution, which means we do not access your private data. Your security and privacy are our top priorities.


Overview of Your Devices

Keep track of your devices

Have a comprehensive overview of all your devices and networks, their security, and potential threats. All clearly and simply from a web application.


Informing About Threats

Informing your employees about threats

We will regularly inform your users about threats via push notifications sent to their devices.


Educating About Security

Educating your employees about security principles

Your employees can pose a high security risk. We take care of effective training and implementation of security measures, helping you avoid potential data leaks or system breaches.