Explore planned features aimed at further enhancing the security of your devices and network.

Q2 2024

April, May, and June


Regional threat alerts

Stay informed about current vishing (fraudulent phone calls) and smishing (fraudulent SMS) campaigns in your country.


Advanced Network Scoring

Scanning of external security of the corporate network with a focus on detecting the state of the firewall, open ports, and services running towards the internet.

Q3–Q4 2024



Windows Desktop App

Creating a Windows app that will protect all your desktop devices as well.


macOS Desktop App

Creation of an app for macOS, allowing protection for all your Apple devices.

Advanced Privacy Evaluation

Evaluation of privacy protection based on used services and their policies for personal data protection using artificial intelligence.

Extended Education Module

Interactive gamified educational module with the option to define your own questions aimed at educating employees about the basics of internet security.


Throughout the year

Seamless Integration

Effortless integration with Google Workspace, AzureAD, Office365, and more.

Device detection on the network

Deep network scan identifying all devices connected to the network such as IoT, SmartTV, or printers to uncover potentially vulnerable or undesirable devices.


Linux Desktop App

Creation of an app for Linux, allowing protection for all your desktop devices.


Q1 2024

January, February, and March


Multilingual Support

Adding support for German and Czech languages to make using our app easier for native speakers from the Czech Republic and German-speaking countries.


Safe Surfing

Robust online protection with network filtering enabled, blocking phishing, tracking, spam, or advertising servers using DNS-over-VPN technology.